Monday, January 26, 2009

Angelina is spunky as ever. She's all over the place, and following requests (commands doesn't sound nice:) quite well. She is using her voice a lot more, but its still hard to understand her verbally, otherwise she does let her wishes known. I can't believe we are getting so close to her Birthday already. 2 years old, seriously? When did that happen. Kathy, Isaac's birthday is coming up too isn't it? And Orion too!
Sigh... on Saturday I go back to work after having a month off. It flew but I am so glad, that most of the time was spent at follow up appointments and not in the hospital! I'm a little worried because Marcelina has been home with a fever one day and a bad cough since. Alex just started to cough today. I'm praying Angelina won't come down with it. It's hard enough keeping them away from each other, but I still have to take care of all my babies, so hopefully I don't spread it all around! Hmmm, maybe I should go get more hand sanitizer!
My laptop is also sick, so Alex my hubby is trying to cure it! hopefully I can post some more pics soon. On a happy note: does anybody feel like winning something? Check out these adorable signs!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pray for little Angel David's family

I'm not sure where to start, except to say how horrible I feel about not being a better support person and friend. This post is not about Angelina or about myself. I stayed up last night, catching up on blogs that I hadn't visited in a while. When I got to Pray for Baby David, I was shocked to find out, that this family had been through so much in the past 9 days. February 3rd was suppose to be their big day. Instead baby David was born January 12th via emergency c-section. He was here for 3 short days, then went on to be an Angel. This mom, Nikki reached out to so many of us fellow CHD mommies, trying to prepare herself as best she could. I admired Nikki for doing this, for seeking out all the stories good and bad.
And while I was caught up in my own story, I am glad there was so many other families there for Nikki and her family. There is not always a happy ending. I pray each day brings them some healing. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a few pictures...

Starting the day off with some milk and some major BED HEAD!

Its easier to clean Angelina up at the sink after meals, but with the high doses of Lasix she tries drinking water whenver she can!

By the way, notice the sunny day? Its been in the 80s out here, if you can tell I live in Southern California ;)

Angelina's facial expressions are a crack up. I guess they make up for how quiet she is sometimes.

Angelina after having pasta Auntie Jessi made for dinner, it was ALL over her face!

Exploring in the kitchen...

Told you it was warm! We even got out to the park.
Proud Marcelina pushing her little sister on the swing.

And we can't ignore the lovely tricks her brother teaches her!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Did she really have heart surgery??

Hello everyone, I know its been a while, but lately it seems like I fall asleep at the same time as my monkeys. So my quiet blogging time has been ZZZZZZZ time!
Keeping our new home clean, organized and unpacked keeps me busy. But I believe who keeps me most on my toes right now is Angelina. Honestly, this little girl acts like she never had surgery! She is all over the place! The new house is a tri-level, so it doesn't really have 3 stories, but 3 short sets of steps, ranging from 3 to 9 steps. These currently present no obstacle to Angelina. She goes up and down without a panting, no turning blue, no problem. If I'm in the kitchen she's following me around there. So we have designated a low drawer with things she can take in and out. If I'm outside watering, she's right out there with me, wanting to get wet and or dirty. She is eating more, talking more, and just all around more energetic.
She also has no attachments! As in no oxygen and no more drain- Woo Hoo!
Still on lots of meds, but hopefully these will decrease some on Monday after her Cardiology appointment. That Lasix has got her peeing like crazy! No fun when dealing with cloth diapers!
We have an Echo scheduled tomorrow, so hopefully only good news with that. I know I promised pictures but I haven't located my card reader...
Marcelina and Alex have adapted well to the new house. They got a big playroom, which also means Mommy got a living room with NO TOYS! They seem to think this warm weather is enough to go in the pool- no way, it's not even heated!
Well, thanks for in checking on us, hope everyone is enjoying the new year!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Doing Well!

Finally, I can get to the Internet! I can't believe Verizon, we won't have a land line or Internet until Jan 12th! That is just crazy! Don't they know blogging is my therapy??? Now that I think of it, we probably should have demanded a land line sooner considering Angelina's needs. Good thing we have good reception on our cell phones. So I'm here at my sister's house, Auntie Betsy, playing on her computer.
Thanks Auntie Sasa & Auntie Betsy for keeping the blog current. I just got to read all the wonderful comments everyone has left, they made me get teary eyed.
Angelina is actually doing wonderful. I'd say she was probably about 98% herself today. Calling for me, demanding attention, playful, walking around the furniture. I think I grimace more than she does. I can't believe she's barely going to be a week out of her surgery and she's acting all honky-dory! She is truly amazing. Of course I think Dr. Bailey and all the nurses are amazing too!
Angelina had her post op appointment today. The drain needs to stay in for at least another week. Which is fine with me, I'd rather do that than have to come back in to get it put back in. Her sats on room air were 91% ! This is great for Angelina, before surgery she was barely being able to keep herself in the 80s, usually running 75-78% the last month. She's still on oxygen for now, just 1/2 a liter which puts her up to 99%.
She's not eating too great, but thankfully we still have her G-tube, so I've been supplementing with Pediasure. Slowly though her appetite is coming back.
So here's a few pics, taken with my phone camera. I actually just found my camera, so I'll have better pics soon.

On Jan 1st getting ready to go home. Her paci, is definitely her comfort zone. She would hide behind it.

All set to go home!

Friday, Jan 2nd, waking up at home. She was standing herself up since the night she got home! Crazy girl! Doesn't that hurt?

Jan 2nd, just cruising around

Jan 3rd, after a nice bath- time for a massage!
Thank you all for all your prayers and positive thoughts. Thank you to all my family who is always so supportive. I don't think I could make it without you! Thank you to everyone who has extended an act of kindness towards us.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

quick Update

Mami is still without internet, so I thought I would give you all a quick update. I got to spend the weekend with angelina. Wow! She is soo amazing. It is hard to keep her still. She definitely is still feeling the surgery she had only days ago, but she is playing and enjoying her baby signing time videos. This Auntie is super happy she has learned the sign for "aunt", even though I don't think she has figured out what it means, because she has FOUR aunties! That can get pretty confusing.

We had a family get together today and she was glad to have all the hustle and bustle that a get together brings...especially yummy food. Thanks Auntie Jessie!

Auntie Sasa