Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Time

I love this time of the year. Sunny days with cool evenings. Although this California weather is still too warm, I'd be happier if it cooled down just a tad bit more.

Our trip to the pumpkin patch turned out to be a hot one. It was a very sunny and warm day. The kids still enjoyed picking out their pumpkins with the whole family.

Halloween seems to have flown right by this year. We Trick or Treated with Auntie Sasa who made a crafty owl costume, Auntie Aimee, Riley and little Adam this year. Marcelina was Hannah Montana, Alex was a cowboy and Angelina was Supergirl. The kids were happy with their loot, but Mommy was definitely tired from the hilly neighborhood we walked through! At least the kids came home happy and tired =)

We managed to get over having the flu, all of us got sick, but we survived. Little Alex was the sickest with a fever and the works, but he is such a trooper. He is always more concerned about not getting others sick, than about how he feels. Angelina actually did quite well, it seemed to have hardly phased her.

Hope you are all staying healthy!

What a way to end the day!