Monday, February 23, 2009

A new addition to the family

We have a new addition to our family......
...his name is Kobe We found him at the shelter, looking a little sad,

Marcelina is the first to hold him at the shelter before we bring him home.

Much better....holding a clean Kobe! Kobe & his leopard, we got it in hopes he'd cuddle with it & not miss his brothers and sisters too much :(
He also likes toys that don't belong to him!

Angelina can't get enough of him.....

Poor guy, sometimes I have to rescue him from her!

Except for all the pink, I'm pretty sure he is feeling right at home!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Boogery weekend!

So it figures that as soon as I go back to work Angelina comes down with the sniffles and cough. That was last Friday. Luckily daddy did a good job with the Tylenol and humdifier. She kept her sats up, and she mostly coughed at night. Now its just the occasional stuffy nose. Marcelina had had a bad cough but thats pretty much gone away. Lil Alex you can tell doesn't feel super good, but he doesn't complain. He does though get more cuddly. What i don't get is how the stuffiness doesn't keep him from talking??? How can a little boy talk so much? I don't get it. My hubby came down with it too, but he doesn't complain much (anymore), his head cold also seems to be resolving.
This Friday I finally came down with a fever and was not feeling well at all. I ended up not working my 2 usual days, and staying home with all the sick monkies ;)
Some pictures and videos from the last few weeks:
I don't get it- how & why does so much food end up on the floor???
Look Mommy, what a cute little girl...
She kind of looks like me...
It is me!This is Angelina's "Frankenstein" walk!After her cardiology appointment we always go say hi to the fishies
Angelina was so excited to see them!
Listen to her get all excited:
Is my flower too small? ;)Before I went back to work Alex wanted us to go out and eat...the kids are usually well behaved at restaurants but its a bit tiring for me because for some reason they seem to say "Mom, Mommy" a whole lot more! Anyhow I was tired and not too crazy about going. I'm glad we did, we had a good time and kids cracked me up!
My Cute, silly boys:
Crazy Girls:
Ok so maybe I had a little too much fun with this!
Watch Angelina get all crazy on th trampoline- she loves it!

Oh and for you mommies working on getting the kids to stand and weight bare, check these out: They don't have much support because they are little cheapy canvas shoes, but they sure make her want to stomp around!

By the way, check out my monsters @ , maybe some of you can give me some tips on my converstation with my daughter...